My daughter turned 18 this week. I’ve written before about how she has Williams Syndrome and how this means she has learning disabilities and medical issues. I won't go into all of it because it seems a bit off to do that here (albeit believe me, she loves a bit of PR and awareness spreading).

Anyway, I’m a strong believer in inclusion and wherever possible we try to ensure that happens as much as we can so that, not only is she part of the world that we all take for granted, but also so that the rest of the world gets to learn a bit about Williams Syndrome too. Therefore, armed with her ID and her best lipstick on, we took her to the pub. As soon as we arrived she marched to the bar, passport in tow.

“A pint of beer for my dad, a Prosecco for my mum, a Coke for my brother and an Apple and Raspberry J20 please.” The barmaid wished her a Happy Birthday, checked her passport and poured the drinks. My daughter left all the drinks on the bar forgetting that you’re supposed to take them over to the table. I winked at the barmaid. “I’ll do that bit shall I? Oh, and while you’re there can I also get a Malibu and Coke please?” I figured it was a rite of passage and surely if you’re 18 in the pub you’ve got to try one drink, haven’t you?


I promise I’m not the booze version of the “Evil Nicotine” from the anti-smoking adverts of my childhood. I’m not trying to push booze onto my child. But surely Malibu and Coke is OK – it’s just a sweet sickly holiday drink, isn’t it? She’ll like that. She smiled. She liked being included and she recognised why I’d bought her one which was nice. However, one sip and with no filter whatsoever she said, “It’s absolutely disgusting mum!” My husband looked at me with 'I told you so' eyes and said, “I’m not drinking that. It’s an absolute horror.” Clearly the 13-year-old couldn’t drink it, so there was only one thing for it. Cheers everyone! We have raised an adult!
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April 28, 2024 — Deborah Price