Half term week was partially spent immersed in the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. The 12-year-old not even pretending to be interested in 19th century innuit clothes made out of seals’ intestines.

“Mum you did fashion. I’m a child. I like Minecraft and YouTube.” He dragged his feet about until we found cases of rocks and suddenly he became enthused. I said nothing, I didn’t want him to become conscious of his new found interest and feel obliged to act as if rocks were the worst thing since that time a meteorite crashed to earth killing all the dinosaurs. Once the museum was done, we met up with his big cousin Ben in the Lamb and Flag. Ironically big Ben is studying Earth Sciences which I think (amongst many other things that surpass my understanding from that area of science) means “rocks.”

The pair of them chatting about it was such a joy. I can’t tell you what they were talking about. My mind was still in awe at the waterproofing of a 150-year-old seal intestine tabard, but that little glimmer of magic that teachers must see on occasion when their students’ imaginations are fired is absolute gold, isn’t it? I was immensely proud of both of them.

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Have a great week everyone!

Deb @ BB

February 25, 2023 — Deborah Price