I’m frantically trying to finish the Spring ’23 collection at the moment (and I know that sounds ridiculous when it’s still June), but we need to get samples before photography in July and we need to keep mills and factories busy in the Autumn producing Spring – this is why clothing and fashion needs to work at least 12 months in advance. It’s basically logistics on a massive scale like any other industry. It’s buttons, piping, zips, labels with legal requirements, textile design, sampling, fashion design, more sampling, manufacturing and shipping to all arrive at the same time. It’s like conducting an orchestra or choreographing a dance, and when it arrives at our lovely new warehouse a week before launch it’s a very beautiful thing. Like gorgeous music married to an excel spreadsheet.

We have 20% OFF our sleepwear collections + 50% OFF women's sleep shorts at the moment. I’m just featuring women’s below this week because we have shown you lots of men’s over the last couple of weeks, but there is also 20% off the men’s boxer shorts too. If you haven’t had chance to look at Spring ’22 yet then have a look – Paisley CircusFlower BedChelsea Flower and Sussex Stripe. They’re all there!

June 17, 2022 — Deborah Price