We started working with Joules about a year ago. We sell the British Boxers collection on their website as a ‘Friend of Joules’. They’re a fantastic team to work with, and it’s been great fun to do. This week they approached us and asked if we could collaborate with them on a winter nightwear collection. I’m so excited. They want a full-blown collection in our shapes, fabrics and quality but in their colours so that they can market it in with their own pieces for Autumn and Christmas.

So, once I’d slapped myself around the face with a metaphorical wet fish, I dug out the felt tips and cracked on. You’ll have to watch this space for more news about it, but for now I’m doing some colouring-in in the corner with a big fat smile on my face.

This week we still have 15% OFF all our full-priced nightshirts and a free silky-soft face mask on all orders over £30. But hurry (no pressure… OK a bit of pressure) if you’d like something because the offer ends on Monday!

Have a great week all!

May 11, 2021 — Deborah Price