We’ve still got our discount code live at the moment offering 15% off when you use the code SPRING15 at the checkout and a free beautifully made, silky-soft face mask (worth £8.95) on all orders over £30 too.

When we designed this collection a year ago, we were living in unprecedented times and none of us knew what the following difficult 12 months would bring. I tried to imagine nightwear as loungewear – beautiful pieces which people would wear at home in comfort. Or they could wear them as a comfort when they returned from the uncertainty of being out in the wider world.

We have stunning floral and paisley prints cut for women in a beautifully crisp cotton and finished with contrasting piping details and wonderful seams. These pieces sit alongside understated glamour like our Armoury or Rosewater collections, as they can be mixed and matched at will.

For men, we have our classic Navy Paisley and Cannes prints which are also fresh crisp cotton. They look great with our Armoury and Garrison collection too. All are beautifully made and all are classic styles that will last for years, will look great and will feel great too.

Other than that, my week has mainly been about putting the central heating back on, bobble hats and gloves. It’s May in Britain – it’s utterly ridiculous.

Stay safe everyone!

May 06, 2021 — Deborah Price