Save up to 55% on our fabulous Lucky Dip underwear right now!

The lucky dip underwear offer is great because it works for us, keeping our underwear selling all the time, and it works for you, getting a bargain in the process. We choose the colours, but you get 4 pairs half-price. What’s lovely is most people trust us now and know the colours they're going to receive are all great. They aren’t duff colours – the ones we have the most of are usually the best sellers, so they tend to be the ones we’re packing. For men, that’s usually Navy, another blue, dark green, etc. and for women it tends to be the pinks, coral and turquoise colours.

Anyway, rather fabulously we have an extra 5% OFF them during the sale, so you can save up to 55%.

The men’s boxer shorts are reduced from £76 to £34.20 and the women’s boxer shorts are reduced from £72 to £32.40.

There’s also free UK delivery on all orders over £100 and plenty of bargains to be had on our website at the moment.

July 16, 2023 — Deborah Price