Apologies for the radio silence this last week across social media. It’s been so busy in the office – massive deliveries coming in and orders going out to shops up and down the country. It’s a huge logistical effort, and every box we send out to stores is a massive relief as it frees up a little more warehouse space. We’ll be looking to grow into a larger building next year. Preferably one with a swimming pool, champagne fridge and resident chef, but until we actually become the underwear and nightwear version of Google head office I think we’ll stick with our office in our converted pub down the road.

I won’t show you a picture because a person keeps putting anonymous notes through the door about the weeds on the front. I’ve sellotaped a note to the front door asking them if they’d like to clear the weeds and then knock on we’ll give them £20 to charity for doing so. I notice they’ve not done this yet, but their notes have stopped coming.  Anyway, I’m meant to be showcasing gorgeousness to you, not telling you about our weed wars.

This week we’re featuring our fabulous nightshirts. Rosy PosyBlue Rosy Posy, and Ink Herringbone for women and Contemporary BlueCrisp Blue & White Stripe and Ink Herringbone for the men. If you haven’t tried one yet give them a go. They’re so lovely to wear – generously cut and wonderfully smooth against the skin. There’s a 10% discount on everything (not just nightshirts) when you use the code SEPTEMBER10 on the final page when checking out.

Have a great week!

September 23, 2021 — Deborah Price