It’s Father’s Day on 21 June. We’ve started the campaign a little earlier this year because Royal Mail’s a little slower than usual and also because we are too. Juggling kids and running a business is never easy, but during the whole Corona virus pandemic it’s been difficult for everyone trying to juggle work and children.

We’ve been busy at work because customers wanted loungewear and pyjamas to wear during lockdown, and we’ve been treading water at home because we’re not teachers. Hats off to all who are!

I want to show you our nightwear this week. It’s beautifully made in a factory I’ve worked with for over 20 years. They take such care when cutting and sewing the nightwear collection that it’s an absolute delight to go and watch them at work. From two-fold crisp summer weight cottons to brushed cotton that keeps you cosier on chilly evenings – we’ve got it all. All are beautifully made, timeless classic pieces that are sure to delight.

What’s more, there’s 10% OFF our collection this week with the code BB10 and we’re sending free face masks on all orders over £30 too!

Here’s co-director (husband) Darren below trying to get the kids to read the London Review of Books – they’re having none of it!! Ha.

Thanks so much!

June 03, 2020 — Deborah Price