I went into Stoke to get my fifth Covid vaccine earlier in the week. I realised the queue at the pharmacy was going to be ages, so after 15 minutes of standing in it I had to leave and move my car because my “30-minutes-or-Magic-Eye-will-send-you-a-bill-for-50-million-quid” would be nearly up if I waited any longer. I muttered something about having to move the car… only when I got back to the queue at the pharmacy, there were 5 new people ahead of where I’d been. The old man who’d been behind me in the queue silently and shakily pointed at me and then pointed at an imaginary person space in front of him. I moved up, slotted back into my space, thanked him profusely and then turned into loud Debs and let the rest of the queue know that I wasn’t pushing in,  that I’d just had to move my car and isn’t magic eye evil. Everyone got chatting then. We were all on our 5th vaccine, so Bill Gates must be hugely interested in us all. Everyone giggling.

Then on Friday, Art Director Josh and I went on a recce to a beautiful old Manor House in Cheshire which we’re going to use as the location for our Autumn campaign next week. We were shown round by the cleaner and the groundsman. They were anxious about Covid too, so we told them all about how we’ve had it and lots of vaccines. “I’ve had 5,” I said, like Sir Stephen Redgrave talking about Olympic golds. “I’ve got leukaemia,” I added. Not sure why I felt the need to add that nugget of information, but there it was nevertheless, plopped out into the air. “Well, you can’t be too careful said the cleaner, I’ve got Crohn’s,” and not wanting to be left out, the groundsman added “and I’m diabetic too.”

So there we were, strangers, chatting about our medical horrors. How kind of them to offer theirs up because they didn’t want me to feel awkward about trusting them with mine.

We crunched back outside onto the gravel drive. “We won’t be here when you’re taking your photographs, but we only live in the village so phone us if you need anything at all”

Covid jabs and kindness. Who knew!

The pictures above are of the house because how amazing is this pile of bricks?! I could live there quite happily.

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July 07, 2022 — Deborah Price