Sorry for the radio silence this past couple of weeks. We’ve been frantically hiring vans and getting our stock from the converted pub we’re currently in over to the new warehouse, and I’m sad to report that it looks far less like an amazing 1990’s nightclub now and far more like a proper warehouse with boxes in it. As soon as BT get their skates on and do whatever elusive magic they apparently need to do to make the Wifi work, then we’ll move ourselves over there too and then maybe, just maybe at that point, we can have a massive party there to mark the moment. This is as much my ambition as anything else because business, all business I reckon, should surely be as much about the joy as it is about the profit, because without the joy what’s the point of any of it. Newer car but less laughter? No thanks.

Anyway, as you may have seen in our more corporate messages, the British Boxers Summer Sale has properly started now. I’ve gone in in a big way with the sale this season because I just wanted to clear old lines so that we can make some space for the new Autumn lines *cough* and parties… hahaha! This means you can snap up some absolute bargains if you look. Sometimes the reason things remain in stock and we clear them is because the photography isn’t on a model in a fancy house, so they don’t draw your eye and sell as many. But if you look closely they’re actually really lovely things, like our wonderful boxer shorts. Have a really good look and you’ll find there are some absolute smashers in amongst this lot.


June 30, 2022 — Deborah Price