OK, here’s a full circle moment that came about this week. We produced some t-shirts for a freight company who help pop and rock stars with their logistics. The letters RW were printed onto this batch for Robbie Williams’ crew and the freight company were delighted with them. They used them at Sandringham for a gig a few weeks back.

Nicola from our office usually looks after British Boxers clients and I tend to work on the bespoke orders, so we hadn’t really chatted about this order until she saw a t-shirt and wondered what it was.

“I kissed Robbie Williams on Oxford Road in Manchester once,” I delightedly dropped into the conversation. “I was skiving off an art history lecture and I stopped him for a chat. He and Mark from Take That had been rehearsing. He came in for a smacker, and I wasn’t going to object.” I was very proud of myself with this anecdote and I hoped Nic would be suitably impressed.

She looked at me with absolute mischief in her eyes as she said, and I kid you not, “That’s nothing. I snogged him once in Tunstall Park.”

There we go. 1 nil to Nicola in the Robbie Williams kissing competition. Hahahaha!

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October 01, 2023 — Deborah Price