I’ve succumbed to the diet thing. I’ve put a lid on the sherry, dolcelatte and walnuts, and I’ve started eating lovely juicy apples. Every time I eat anything I let everyone in the office know how lovely and juicy it is and how the vitamins are really good for me and I really like eating it. It’s only been 24 hours and I think they all want to hand their notice in. My incentive is that we’ve managed to wangle his parents to babysit for a week so we can go on holiday  in a few weeks time, during which I fully intend to eat and drink the entire actual island of Madeira. In order to do this and minimise risk to myself and others I phoned the doctors surgery this morning, when with much glee, I realised that because I have leukaemia, I can wangle a 4th vaccine. I rang the surgery. “I’ve got leukaemia,” I beamed delightedly to the quite confused receptionist like a celebrity trying to wangle queue jumping at a nightclub in the before times with a “Do you know who I am?” entitlement badge.

“Please can I have another vaccine?”

“Yes Mrs Price, we’ll get someone to ring you back.”

“Marvellous, thanks!”  

Anyway. Assuming that 4 vaccines won’t actually turn me into Bill Gates and that I make it to Madeira looking like Gigi Hadid on a catwalk rather than a fat person who’s managed to lose half a stone, then it’s all going rather well this week.

Have you seen our Stornoway collection? It’s in the sale and it’s really gorgeous so I wanted to highlight it this week. It’s made from our beautiful brushed cotton herringbone fabric which is woven using the softest wine and teal coloured fibres, which almost give a two-tone look to the cloth. It feels amazing next to your skin and is lovely and cosy this time of year. A comfort in a world without cheese! We’ve cut it across women’s, men’s and children’s styles. There’s at least 25% all of it and 50% off the kid’s pyjamas. There’s also free delivery on all orders over £30.

Stay safe all!

January 23, 2022 — Deborah Price