Irresistibly soft and remarkably warm, our brushed-cotton collection is incredibly special, as many of our customers will agree. We work hard to make it feel this good. It all comes down to a meticulous process, flawless attention to detail and our dedication to making the best quality sleepwear out there.

We start with the finest cotton yarns, which are dyed to our own colour specification. Then, the crucial part – the fibres are brushed repeatedly to soften them and create warmth. Next, they’re woven to our own textile design in a painstaking process which forms a raised texture, trapping heat and producing such cashmere-like softness, for a wonderful feel against the skin.

Lastly, the finished fabric is skilfully cut into our collection of pyjamas, dressing gowns, nightshirts and sleep shorts, all of which we design in-house with French seams and gorgeous details. The end result? A collection of garments which promise nothing but luxurious comfort around the clock.

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Aqua Tartan

Arran Tartan

Ash Grey Herringbone



Cairngorm Tartan

Electric Cobalt

Ink Herringbone

Jester Stripe

Jura Tartan

Midnight Tartan

Pink Tartan

Powder Pink Herringbone

Rioja Herringbone

Soft Red Tartan

Staffordshire Blue Herringbone

Stornoway Herringbone

Tangerine Dream


Ultraviolet Check

Westwood Blue Stripe

Westwood Pebble Stripe

Westwood Pink Stripe

January 27, 2022 — Deborah Price