Our customer Liz was so upset that the pyjama shorts she’d bought for her husband had gone to an old address she’d auto-filled on a 3rd party website. We were too, but she said she’d try and contact the people to see if they could forward the shorts to her. Neither of us held out much hope, and I think we were both resigned to them going missing forever. Maybe we should have been more optimistic because Liz has just messaged me to say that they have been forwarded to her. She’s delighted and so are we. They were the last ones we had in stock and she really liked them, so we’re so very grateful to the lovely people at her old address in London from a decade ago. 

That stranger has made her day. They’ve made our day. And not only that, but they’ve restored faith in the goodness of human nature at a time when it sometimes feels like there’s a dwindling amount of it about. 

We’ve sent them some of our face masks as a thank you, but ain’t it all a lovely thing! #kindnessofstrangers #payitforward

June 12, 2020 — Deborah Price