Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to write and wish you all a Happy New Year – let’s face it, it can’t be too much worse than 2020. I mean, I suppose we could end up in caves wearing animal skins and with no leftover Christmas cake, but that would have to be quite a step back wouldn’t it? Mind you, I’m writing this from the office with toes like ice in sheepskin boots, and we’re all sitting at our desks in bobble hats and there’s no cake here because Julie and Nicola don’t do sweet food after Christmas. To be fair, they are both thin, but I think what I’m trying to say is we’re still basically cavemen. The problem is I’m so knackered I have no idea why I’m saying it.

Anyway, we have a small sale on this Winter. We’ve done 20% off Pyjamas, hoodies, slippers and socks too. There are some lovely bits to find, so take a little time to have a look when you get chance. We’ll still send out our free tie-fastening face masks on orders over £30. I have 4 days off now, so I’ll be back on it properly next week! Have a lovely time at New Year. I know it’s a different one, but I hope you find some joy and peace.

Thanks so much!

December 31, 2020 — Deborah Price