The Great Debate

 Is it pyjamas or pajamas?

A quick google showed us that whilst the pyjamas vs pajamas debate rumbles on the Oxford English dictionary is technically happy with either spelling because they are both correct, it tends to be the British who spell pyjamas and the Americans who go with the pajama spelling.

I’ve worked in the wonderful world of pyjamas for over 20 years. Firstly as a buyer in London and from 2013 as an owner of my own brand. British Boxers is a total joy to have grown from its small roots into the recognised brand that it is today but we’ve noticed that one thing that people have often asked us is “What’s the right spelling. Is it pyjamas or pajamas?”

We sell our fabulous things in the USA now and we’ve realised that over there the spelling of “pajamas” is a whole different word to the more British spelling of “pyjamas” and whilst contemplating this over morning coffee in the office the other day (culminating in a fabulous rendition of potatoes / potatoes / tomatoes / tomatoes etc - glorious 5 minutes that was) Other countries vary too. The Canadians like to use both spellings, the rest of Europe tend to go with the British pyjama spelling. To be honest you can go with whatever you like PJs, pyjamas, pajamas, jammies, jimjams or pidgies. (Does anyone else call them pidgies or is it just my kids?)

I think British Boxers will stick with pyjamas but the important thing is that we continue to design and make them so beautifully. British Boxers pyjamas bring real luxury at the end of your day and that’s the best feeling in the world!

Our other most asked questions about Pyjamas

How do I choose the right size of pyjamas?

To choose the right size, consult our sizing chart found on each product page. Pyjamas should fit comfortably – not too tight, not too loose. Consider whether you prefer a snug or relaxed fit, as this can affect the size you choose.

Are there any hypoallergenic pyjama options?

Yes, there are hypoallergenic pyjamas made from Bamboo, which are ideal for sensitive skin. Check out our new Bamboo range today.

Is there a difference between men's and women's pyjamas?

The primary difference is in the cut and design. Men's pyjamas are often straighter and broader, while women's pyjamas might have more tailored fits.

How can I ensure the longevity of my pyjamas?

To ensure longevity, follow the care instructions closely. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners, wash with similar colours, and consider air drying instead of using a tumble dryer.

What are the best pyjamas for different seasons?

For summer, lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton are best. In transitional weather, a mix of materials or layering cotton pyjamas works well.

Can pyjamas be machine washed?

Yes our pyjamas can be machine washed, and information can be found on each specific product care label.