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Sunday, 18 June

Celebrating a decade in business

It’s been a fabulous 10 years building British Boxers so far. We started as a tiny brand making boxer shorts in Britain selling our product on the Sunday markets. A decade later and we're stocked in some of the best known high street shops in the UK and occasionally worn by Hollywood stars.

Now for the next 10 years. We can't wait!

Men's stretch trunks multi-packs

Pants with Purpose

Discover our new 3 & 5-pack Stretch Trunks which directly support young people in the UK

Boxing Futures

£1 from the sale of each pack will be donated to – a charity working to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of disadvantaged young people. See how you can make a difference in these pants with purpose.

Heritage Colours – 3-pack

3 for £32.00

Coal Black – 3-pack

3 for £32.00

Classic Blues – 3-pack

3 for £32.00

It's Cool to be Casual

Elevate your relaxed look with one of our t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers or shorts – all crafted in soft fabrics with ample room to breathe easy all summer long.

Familiar Faces for British boxers
Familiar Faces for British boxers
The best, comfiest pyjamas ever by British Boxers. I'm quite enjoying this influencer lark...
— Stanley Chow, Artist
Familiar Faces for British boxers
I'm a convert to British Boxers
— Rev. Richard Coles, Musician, Journalist & Priest
Familiar Faces for British boxers
I recommend you head to and buy their brilliant stuff
— Justin Moorhouse, Comedian
Familiar Faces for British boxers
The most eloquent tweet we've ever received
— Adam Hills, Comedian & Presenter
Familiar Faces for British boxers
Just bought some pants #stopfundinghate
— Rufus Hound
Familiar Faces for British boxers
I loved their designs so much. I couldn't believe the quality. I was delighted to support [them]
— Anna Richardson, TV Presenter
Familiar Faces for British boxers
British Boxers' gorgeous fabrics are spot on and the quality of the finishing is better than any designer label. I practically live in British Boxers PJ bottoms!
— Nicholas Chrisostomou, Editor-in-Chief, The Cultured Traveller
Familiar Faces for British boxers
I'm thrilled to know that national treasure and fashion icon, Dame Zandra Rhodes, is wearing one of our Coral Shire Square dressing gowns.
— Deb Price, CEO @ British Boxers
Familiar Faces for British boxers
'One loves one's dressing gown.' – what we wish Imelda Staunton had said in her Ash Grey and Powder Pink Herringbone dressing gowns.
— as featured on The Crown, Season 5 – Netflix
Familiar Faces for British boxers
A terrible fate awaited Ade Edmondson, but he was wearing our Tangerine Dream dressing gown. Every cloud…
— as featured on Midsomer Murders, Season 22 – ITV
Familiar Faces for British boxers
David Duchovny worked out his filming-in-Covid-hell stress in one of our Abstract Hexagon T-Shirts. Been there, never want to do it again.
— as seen on feature film The Bubble – Netflix

Play it Cool – Crisp & Light Cottons for Spring

A stunning addition to any Spring wardrobe, these cottons are cool against the skin and wonderfully soft to handle.

luxurious lounging

Nothing as smooth as Satin

Discover the singular beauty and comfort of our Cotton Satin Stripe ranges

Meet Jem Mace – The fighting spirit behind the brand

World champion boxer, circus owner, bar proprietor, musician and ladies' man,
Jem Mace experienced enough to fill two or three lives during his 79 years –
not least, practically inventing the professional sport of boxing.

Click here to read more about our founder's incredible 3x great-grandfather.