It’s been a fabulous 10 years building British Boxers. We started as a brand making boxer shorts in Britain selling our product on the Sunday markets. We told the story of my 3-times great-grandfather, the boxer Jem Mace, as a hook for press. That turned into a viral hook when we declined an advertising opportunity with the Daily Mail, saying, “No thanks, we’ve got values” #proud.

There were the tears of joy when we sent product into Harrods, there was the story of the search for the dress for the little girl who had autism which went global on Twitter and there was the meeting with John Lewis when they said “Yes please.” Adam Hills said on Channel 4’s Last Leg that “our tweet disliking 'rose-tinted jingoism' was the most eloquent they’d ever received.”

We argued against the bullying hate Meghan Markle was receiving. Tom Joule from Joules said, “I love the quality of British Boxers products.” And Imelda Staunton, playing Queen Elizabeth II, wore our robes in The Crown series 5. Then I got sick – really poorly. The consultant said I wasn’t dying and there were meds to treat my leukaemia. And I worked so hard to stick cancer back in its box whilst updating the mailing list about the progress of my treatment. People from all over the world would write to me to tell me about theirs too.

The whole woven warp and weft of the textiles, the personal fight, the celebrity and industry nods to what we were doing were all immersed in the lovely softness and comfort of beautifully made nightwear and undies. It all added up. It meant something and I’ve loved it. Thank you for being part of our journey, we’ve absolutely loved having you with us.

Also this week you can get 20% OFF British Boxers, including our lovely boxer shorts, when you use the code HAPPYANNIVERSARY on our website. There's also free delivery on all orders over £100.

Now for the next 10 years of British Boxers! I can't wait!

May 15, 2023 — Deborah Price