This week I wanted to write about the good people at Byline Times. We’ve loved advertising with them and being part of their journey to bring properly investigated stories and good journalism to an audience fed up with tabloid trash. It was one thing that we went viral because we refused to advertise with the Daily Mail (see tweet below), but it was also important for us to do something we felt was positive and actually advertise and support journalism that was well investigated and written too. They’ve decided to go totally ad free recently, and whilst we’re sorry to not be working with them anymore we totally support them in this too. It makes absolute sense for them to be free of any perception of influence.

They kindly tweeted, “We would like to thank our friends British Boxers who have always shared our mission and have been great supporters – and have supported us going ad free – we can’t thank you enough and you will always be part of the Byline family – please buy their undies”

A sentiment we’d like to reciprocate. If you want to read a good newspaper please subscribe to Byline Times. They send a monthly copy out in the post, and it’s a great read.

Now I need to try and sell you something too or I’m not doing my job properly – such a fine line! We have 15% OFF hoodies and T-shirts this week, and they’re lovely now the weather’s got a bit colder. They’re all beautifully made fair-trade from the softest organic cotton, and they’re printed and finished in Wales which helps to support local industry too.

There’s 15% OFF our entire collection at the moment when you use the code AUTUMN15 and a free face mask on orders over £30. You don’t need to add a face mask to the basket - we’ll just put one in the parcel.   

Thanks so much for all your support,

Deb Price
Managing Director

October 22, 2020 — Deborah Price