This week has been a whirlwind for us at British Boxers. I took the decision to buy a load more face masks from the factory. I know that the government have said we don’t need to wear them after the 19th,  but I felt that most people probably would.

I think most people care about others, and even if masks aren’t the best protection in the world they are a barrier of sorts. They stop sneezes going as far as they would otherwise. I know that I would be nervous in shops and on public transport if there was a chance I could pass Covid on to others, and it would sit better with me if there was an opportunity to minimise that possibility. So I’ve gone with gut instinct on that decision and just made it for the best of reasons.

It’s a difficult job being a buyer sometimes. Usually, you make your decisions based on minimal risk, mathematical analysis and evidence of sale with a heap of trend thrown in, but with face masks it’s a whole new world! We’ll see how it pans out. If you get a chance, do have a look at them on our website. We have some gorgeous ones. They’re usually £8.95, but they’re currently £6.95 in the sale and there’s free delivery at the moment too!

In other news, some of our hoodies and t-shirts are half price, and the Lucky Dip half price underwear offers are still live and kicking on the website. Don’t forget there’s a further 10% off if you use the code SUMMER10!

Have a great week everyone!

July 08, 2021 — Deborah Price