Do you remember when Vogue requested samples to shoot on Eddie Redmayne and I said I’d update you. Well, we sent the samples and then they put him in Tom Ford instead. I turned every page of the magazine eagerly like a child in the ’80s waiting to see if Tony Hart had put their painting in the Gallery, and then upon realising that Vogue hadn’t and remembering that Tony Hart didn’t either, I unceremoniously put the magazine in the bin and locked the memory of it away in a cold corner of my heart never to be mentioned again (save for this email / blog where I’d use it for content / revenge) laughs like mumra in the black pyramid with thunder and lightning abound

Anyway, here’s a lovely picture of Eddie in Tom’s pants.

This week starts our Spring Promotion where we offer 15% OFF all full-priced items with the code SPRING15 and a free face mask worth £8.95 on every order over £30. There are gorgeous new spring/summer brushed cotton pyjamas lines to discover. Check out Women’s Kabloom and Men’s Garrison Blue Herringbone – both lovely cotton and piped in a perfect blue.

Right, I’m off to send a press release to Harper’s Bazaar! Stay safe everyone.

April 25, 2021 — Deborah Price