Sometimes it’s good to strip back the cynicism which can occasionally creep in with the Hallmark-constructed event of Father’s Day. After all, why shouldn’t there be a lovely moment to celebrate the good men in our lives, whether they’re our dads or not. You know – the safe ones, the strong ones, the ones who have been there when life has kicked us in the teeth.

Last year I wrote about my dad and how as a little girl I remembered his office desk drawer was always filled with Swizzels sweets after he’d delighted the sweet company by making some beautiful furniture for them. This year I wanted to give a shout out to my Father-in-Law. My all-time favourite moment was when we all went to their village pub and the electricity in the whole village failed. Literally lights out, till down. No problem as it turns out. The people all went back to their houses momentarily and returned with candles. Lit with the warm light, the landlord began accepting IOUs for drinks because he couldn’t access the till. Bill and Uncle Dick started singing. I mean we’re British. The thought of it could make you go red with embarrassment, couldn’t it? But no, it was beautiful. With perfect harmonies, they lead the singing and pretty soon the whole pub (warmed with the light and the ale) started to join in with various folk songs and sea shanties. Sometimes you need jolly. That’s my father-in-law – the light, warmth and soul of any party, and you can’t have too many of those.

Cheers to Bill!

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June 01, 2023 — Deborah Price