I’m a popstar now. Well, when I say “popstar” there is a potential illusion of grandeur going on. What I mean is that me and some mainly middle-aged ladies have joined “Rock Choir". We rehearse in a school hall once a week, and then we go out and about to various events and sing whilst wearing an actual uniform. We are not Lemmy from Motorhead or Mr Meat from Meatloaf – we are not even Jean Paul Gaultier clad Madonnas.  What we are is lots of people who have been through the mill a bit, and we’re singing our hearts out at events up and down the country free of charge to entertain passers-by and audiences alike. And we love it. There are loads of Rock Choirs up and down the country, and all the separate choirs learn the same songs as each other each week. So if you find one near you then you can join or go and see them and we’ll all be learning the same songs! Hooray!

Here we all are by the lake in Trentham on a sunny day a few weeks back. Have a great week whatever you get up to.

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June 06, 2023 — Deborah Price