You know what needs to get in the sea and stay there? Winter. Winter needs to do one now. We need vaccines and daffodils and unfettered access to European markets – cough (not a COVID cough though).

I need to change the subject don’t I and sell you some stuff. It’s really cold and you need some warm pyjamas… there we go. We manufacture in the UK and Europe and I’ve got a man in his van driving from Prague with some lovely warm pyjamas made by a gorgeous factory of highly skilled lovely people who I’ve worked with for 20 years, and I’m hoping to high heaven the paperwork is correct. I’ve signed some power of attorney thing and sent it to some customs office in Prague. I’m banging on again… I need an app that plays the words “Shut your face Deborah. At least you’re not selling oysters to a Parisian restaurant,” on repeat.

Use the code FEBRUARY10 if you’d like 10% OFF our lovely items, including our women's boxer shorts. And if you spend over £30 we’ll put a free facemask in too (don’t add it to the basket we just stick it in the parcel).

Stay safe everyone!

February 11, 2021 — Deborah Price