I hope you’re all OK. I’m really bored now. I want to pop to the pub early doors and chat to landlord Al and give the kids some crisps and pop, then come home and watch a film. No hang on. Then get a babysitter and a taxi into Macclesfield and a train into Manchester and do a massive all nighter and then get breakfast in a cafe and then come home. I hate all nighters. I’m not sure I particularly ever did them to be honest. I just want one because I can’t have one.

Also, I’d like to pop to John Lewis or Selfridges just to get the perfume ladies to spray loads of Chanel at me and force me to buy something – but you don’t mind because they give you a little Chanel bag with rope handles, and it makes you feel important for 10 minutes (who knows why?!). I worked at John Lewis after university for 6-9 months, and there are still staff there who were there then. In my head I like to go, “Oooh, she’s aged. Ooooh, she hasn’t aged.” None of them ever notice me, which means I’ve definitely aged.

To be honest, if it were a negotiation, I’d settle on just going to Superdrug and getting some Aussie shampoo. Lidl’s own version is rubbish.

Anyway, in more exciting news our lorry finally got through, so some things are starting to re-stock. I swear I felt like an Olympian when it arrived. The teeth pulling to get it here was immense, but we did it and cheered! There will be another lorry in 10-14 days. I’ll shout when that arrives too, but for now some lovely pyjamas are back in stock. The code FEBRUARY10 is giving 10% off and we’re also putting free face masks in orders over £30. (Don’t add one to your order we’ll just put it in)

That’s it! Don’t get too bored and stay safe. Spring’s coming!

February 04, 2021 — Deborah Price